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Pink Floyd fanklub CZ


Dark Side of the Moon will be performed at the Bílina ice stadium. Michal Malátný will appear as a special guest

The group of musicians led by Filip Benešovský has performed the Pink Floyd The Wall show seven times  now. In 2009, the audience in the sold-out Prague O2 Arena experienced so far the last of these concerts, which included a number of A-list guests such as Michal Malátný (Chinaski), Jan Neckář (Bacily), Radim Hladík (Blue Effect), Zdeněk Kluka and Roman Dragoun (Progres 2) or Harry Waters, the son of Roger Waters. The history of the Czech The Wall project goes back to 2002. 

The wall torn down!

On behalf of everyone who participated in preparing and realisation of the concert we thank the audience for showing us that our trying was meaningful. Thanks to all of the partners too, we would not be able to work the show up and to perform it without your financial or other help. Likewise we would like to thank those of the journalists and photographers who let you know of the preparations, especially to those of them who did so early enough. We believe our Guestbook alleges best about whether the show was a success. Thank you all very much for your comments, your appreciation or criticism. There are some of our two photographers' photos of both the concert and the dress rehearsal in the Photogallery section of our site.

Martin Marty Slavíček

production, The Wall 2009

The third and the last series of rehearsals

Last Friday and Saturday were the last two rehearsal days. The whole crew met together in a large hall near to Prague. Although the stage size did not by far come up to the one we are going to use during the show itself , it allowed us to try out a number of things: the disposition of majority of the musicians on the stage, the dancers‘ choreography and above all the building of the wall. Anyway, finally we found out, that the demand for space upon stage setting and number of the participants and the devices  like this is so big, that there is nothing left to do for us than to rehearse some of the scenes as late as in the O2 Arena itself. It’s already quite cold at Strahov… :-) Photos here.

In additon we were pleased to welcome new people to the stage and to the crew, so that sometimes there was as much as 70 of us! Discipline and concentration of all of the participants led us to assess the two days as successfull. Nearly a year of work, a number of partial and general rehearsals – all of that to culminate in this Saturday’s evening.

Let’s  tear down the wall together!

Second series of rehearsals done

Thursday to Saturday last week we spent three exhausting twelwe-hour workshifts rehearsing the project being prepared. This time Mr Jan Neckář, Mr Michal Malátný and The Chorus Angelus childen's choir already participated in the rehearsals. The Eve Quartet (a string quartet) led by Vlaďka Hořovská, our brass section and saxophonist Petr Kalfus attended the rehearsals too.

The rehearsal series in a homely, but still a bit cramped club has now ended. Next time it's going to be a large hall, in which all the band and the crew will meet together and we will start building the wall itself.  Photos from the rehearsals here.

Press conference September 21, 2009

On Monday morning September 21 a press conference in O2 arena was carried out. The focal point was of course the upcoming The Wall project that was introduced by its author Filip Benešovský, its convener Michal Skribuckij and a singer and musician, one of the guests Michal Malátný.


Harry Waters has confirmed his participation

Probably every heart in the team around Filip Benešovský rejoiced when Harry Waters, Roger Waters´son confirmed his participation in The Wall 2009! Actually, Harry has accompanied his father´s concerts playing the piano for a few years. He himself tends a bit more to jazz. See We are very honoured to have him here, because The Waterses are very well known for not participating in projects they do not organise.

The series of rehearsals have just started

On Friday and Saturday the first two rehearals from nine planned came through. More than words a few precious pictures taken by our „court“ photographers (Vladimír „Qwerty“ Sojka and Tomáš Kašpar sr. ) can suggest the easygoing atmosphere that reigned all over both days.

The band has enlarged itself thanks to the engagement of another player

Our team accepted a new member. His name is Tadeáš Mesany and he is going to play the five string double-bass.
Tadeáš, welcome

Filip in Reflex magazine

In the October copy of the Czech weekly magazine Reflex there is going to be an interview of Honza Dědek with Filip Benešovský concerning the show The Wall 2009. You must not miss it!

Ticket purchase from abroad

If there is any problem with buying the tickets from abroad, ask Daniela Slezáková using e-mail   or call +420 736 712 720.

The production team

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