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Pink Floyd fanklub CZ


Press conference September 21, 2009

On Monday morning September 21 a press conference in O2 arena was carried out. The focal point was of course the upcoming The Wall project that was introduced by its author Filip Benešovský, its convener Michal Skribuckij and a singer and musician, one of the guests Michal Malátný.


Filip Benešovský answered a number of questions. We offer you a brief summary of his answers:

The first time I heard Pink Floyd was when I was about fifteen. It was The Dark Side Of The Moon. I realized that this music has got absolutely different ambitions to those I was accustomed to before. What a sobriety and concentration on an idea, what a work with moods… Soon, The Wall was shown to me. Though I couldn´t speak a word in English, I was somehow able to understand what it is about. It was more than obvious, that in this music there is nothing to be dreaming about and that there is no place for the listener´s fantasy. Waters´ model is just to announce. He doesn´t care about confrontation with the audience. He just warns, indicts and complains. The urgency and the rudeness has taken and bewitched me. The content pictures passionate celebration of  human ugliness. Several levels are constantly repeated. The anti-militarist one that shows repulsive principles of interpersonal relationships, the one that shows  cruelty and stupidity of showbusiness, the one that unfolds hang-ups developed in childhood with remarkable help of our teachers. Waters´ father was killed in the war. In 2000 my brother was killed. He was a victim of a car accident. I feel there are lots of opinion parallels between me and Waters.

Pink Floyd have never released a video record of this show and moreover they played it for a very short time. I´ve got a piratic one at home and we use some of their ideas in our show, too. The performance has got two parts. Between the stage and the audience a real wall is going to be risen. The special replications of the breeze-blocks are supplied by IRETEX. We use quadrophone sound that makes the music rotate round the hall. You will see the rock band counting about fifteen musicians playing electric instruments, string ensemble “Eve Quartet“, two trombones, three trumpets, flute and EWI (electric wind instrument). Another important part of the cast is the children choir “Chorus Angelus”. Various stage properties, small dramatic sketches, own film shots and Czech subtitles can´t be missing.

Definitely. As for the music we bring The Wall complete. In Alan Parker´s film “The Wall” there is “Hey You” missing, on the record there isn´t “When The Tigers Broke Free” etc. We make big effort to show this piece being still alive. We do not just playback “The Wall”. We try to transmit Waters´ huge and duly justified worry from the human incommunication. And it´s still in bloom...

There are going to be some special guests participating:

Jan Neckář together with Ota Petřina arranged the music of “Bacily” in the similar way as Donovan or Pink Floyd. The inspiration was evident. I was a small boy and we listened to their album “Sluneční Věk” that I still love. In that period he and his brother recorded a Czech version of “Another Brick In The Wall part II”. The fact, that he accepted my offer to be a part of my show, I treasure a lot.  

Radim Hladík is a musician that has never betrayed his music and for me, he is a symbol of a real and respectable bigbeat guitar player. There are not many of such musicians here...  

Zdeněk Kluka – the leader of Progres 2 from Brno. He is a supervisor and an author we should all take hat off to. Besides, he can yell very well, so I decided to offer him the role of the judge in the final scene “The Trial”.  

His longtime workmate Roman Dragoun is my friend, we have just finished an album “Otlučená Srdce” and he is absolutely great at playing the Moog synthesizer. He is going to play a solo on that instrument.  

Michal Malátný is my pubmate from the pub “U Myslivce”. Once I played some pink Floyd songs from the juke box there and he became to bid more and more of Pink Floyd. He introduced himself later. I didn´t know him before and so didn´t he. But we stroke our hands and it was done. He is going to sing with us for the socond time...

Harry Waters  I was given his jazz album and I was excited. I must admit that I had to have a few noggins to encourage myself to send him a mail with a proposal to participate in our project. He surprised me a lot with his quick reply where he immediately accepted my proposal. I am very happy that through his presence we will be like connected with Pink Floyd even though it´s going to be through „just“ the son of the legendary bassguitar player Roger Waters.

Filip Benešovský comes to O2 arena with The Wall and it is going to be the greatest show in his musical career. The audience is going to see a magnificent scene on which the real wall is going to be built and torn down, there are going to be a lot of stage properties, a large projection screen, English lyrics are going to be provided with Czech subtitles to help the Czech audience understand the meaning of the contents of the show. Except the musical performances we are going to see some acting ones. The music is going to be provided by a band counting twenty members playing modern electrical instruments, strings and brass instruments and a children´s choir won´t be missing. The Wall 2009 will be, besides Filip Benešovský, supported by stars of the Czech rock scene, such as Michal Malátný (Chinaski), Jan Neckář (Bacily), Zdeněk Kluka and Roman Dragoun (Progres 2) and a Czech doyen of a rock guitar Radim Hladík. A few weeks ago our invitation to participate in The Wall 2009 was accepted with pleasure by Harry Waters, the son of a legendary Pink Floyd bassguitar player Roger Waters. Harry is an excellent jazz pianist with the rock past, who plays with his own jazz quartet at the present. Two years ago, he stood on the O2 arena´s stage as a member of his father´s band performing one of the world tour shows.