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Pink Floyd fanklub CZ


Martin instead of Peter

An unexpected engagement impeded Peter Čerevka from participating in the Wall 2009 project even before we got to meet together with him for the first time. Nevertheless the very next moment we got hold of Slovakian singer Martin Námešný, who accepted our proposal. His profile is to be seen in the „Musicians and Guests“ section.

Welcome, Martin!

Another meeting of sound and stage-light engineers

On Monday, August the 3rd, there was a negotiation in the O2 Arena on the form of the stage and the auditorium for the October The Wall 2009 show. The O2 Arena employees met together with sound and light engineers particularly.

We Are Complete!

The last question about the cast has just been solved! Peter Čerevka, the singer that cooperated on previous The Wall projects has been engaged for the Gilmour´s position again. Welcome! There is only a bit more than a month left for the first rehearsal…

The new series of operating meetings in O2 Arena have already started

On Thursday, July 7 came about  an operating meeting in O2 Arena.

New hands playing the keyboards

The post of the second keyboard player has changed. Jakub Zomer was engaged. Let him welcome in the team!

Balbinka experienced a poetic afternoon

As mentioned before, Thursday was the day of the very first meeting of the team. Some of them had to introduce themselves, some knew each other from previous projects.

The first meeting of the whole team

The last Thursday in June came about an informal working meeting of the major part of the musicians and the rest of the team. It was the very first meeting of them. Later on, we are going to bring you some more information about the event.

Noughty Trumpets

Jan Hykrda was hired abroad. He can no longer be a part of The Wall cast. Filip Benesovsky decided then not to assign another trumpet player and to do the show just with the other two remaining as in the past.

The three vocalists are together

The name of the last wanted vocalist was released on Tuesday as promised! Let us welcome Vladka Svobodova in The Wall team!

Who is going to sing the part of Gilmour?

On Tuesday the final round of the casting is going to decide who will be the last vocalist. However, there is still one question left to be answered. Who is going to be the voice of David Gilmour?

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